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My roommate and I are eating Easter-eggs for dinner to day and feeling very healthy. In Norway we have saying that Christmas last until Easter, but that is not the problem anymore! The problem is that the sweets from Christmas are not out of stocks before the Easter-sweets starts coming in!


There is a really weird atmosphere in my apartment these days. Both my roommate and I are unbelievably sick, and she camps in her room watching Disney-princesses while I try my best to get ahead on school-work. I know I am not supposed to work while ill, but I only have a cold. It is the stress that kills me. I have finally hit the wall after five years barely any rest at all. This term I have five weekends off, the rest are fully booked. No wonder why I am this tired.

Today I will be home until lunch. Then I will go to school and talk to my tutor, and we will find a way to work this out. I am really lucky to have so many supportive people around me as I do.

Here is another picture that I took in France last summer. Mostly to brighten my own mood, but I hope it does the same to you.

Hope to see you here soon!