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New beginning

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My mp3-player starts to play “You can’t hurry love”, wit Phil Collins and the yellow, red, brown and green leaves on the tree in front me wave in the wind. My fingers are cold and stiff like icicles, but I just grip tighter around my pen and keep on writing.

Today as I ran out of the house to catch the bus, wearing woolen socks and a woolen coat. I threw a glance at the thermometer, and it made me wonder all the way to the bus. It showed 18,3 degrees celsius. Either it was terrible wrong, or I was really sick.

A couple walks by me with their arms around each other to keep out the cold. A pigeon lands on the other side of the bench. I smile and close my eyes for a bit. When I open them again, I look at the river. It flows so calmly, and looks just like gel just before it throws itself into the vast waterfalls. The sounds makes a great accompaniment to Grieg’s a-minor-concerto.

Jeg take a deep breath and enjoy the cold autumn air.  I have to go to catch the bus home. It rustles  in colorful leaves and chestnuts as I throw my bag over my shoulder.

I am the type of person who makes a lot o plans, and plans to go through with my plans. Unfortunately a lot of those plan end up either half finished or forgotten.Just like blogging. I don’t have time to blog every day, and I don’t want to either.

Yet, I have been gone for a long time, and I will try to blog more often in the future. There are actually a lot of interesting things going on in my life that I want to blog about, and that is what I will do. I will blog about what goes in my life at the moment, concerts I go to, and my thoughts on various things.

I wish everyone a wonderful fall!

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