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Oh dear!

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I have been postponing this post for a long time now, and I still don’t really know what to write. I have written, deleted and rewritten this post so many times, I don’t even know what it is about anymore. After Christmas, I decided to take an unofficial break from blogging to focus on the violin. I had a big audition to the Norwegian Academy of Music, the place I have wanted to study for ten years. I didn’t get in, so I’ve been kind of numb ever since. I needed time to process, and that’s why I’ve been gone for so long. Now, in the other hand I’ve decided to take a year off to practice and get in next year. My teacher was in my jury, and he said I was really close, so I’m positive I’ll get in next year. Wish me luck. See you later!



My roommate and I are eating Easter-eggs for dinner to day and feeling very healthy. In Norway we have saying that Christmas last until Easter, but that is not the problem anymore! The problem is that the sweets from Christmas are not out of stocks before the Easter-sweets starts coming in!

Switch lives with me!

You have seen it in movies like “Freaky Friday”, and “He’s the girl”. People who switch life, and it actually works out fine! Someone who wants to try that with real life? (I cannot believe I just used the phrase Real Life.)

I am eighteen year old girl who goes to a musical high school in Norway, and play the violin. I also sing, blog depressive posts on my blog. I live with the coolest girl in the universe, who happens to be sick and not so cool at the moment. I am also sick with sinusitis and the flue. My rehearsal examination is tomorrow, and I am not as prepared as I should be.

If you are interested in switching life with me, just take contact! I would be really interested no matter what kind of life you have. I just need some change.

(Note that I can say when we switch back, and you cannot.)

I am waiting for you! ;)