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Not only Mozart

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“I think I have heard that tune before. Which composer is it?” I was sitting on the bus on my way home from town. Between my legs laid a bag full of apples an milk. The earplugs in my ears were playing “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” by Mozart, which I played at that time with my quartet. I gave the elderly woman a little, mischievous smile while my mind was racing through composer-names. “Rachmaninov, of course.” A expression showed surprise and horror of being wrong. Then she smiled carefully and a touch knowingly. “Of course. I have heard of him.” With a wide grin I plugged the earplugs back in and switched to Rachmaninovs pianoconcert number 3.



Rehearsal examination on violin is coming up, and I am really nervous!

This year I will perform Mozart’s violinconcerto in g-major.

You can hear it here, if you want to. It is a wonderful piece, even though Mozart is not my favorite composer.

(Of course it is not me playing, but a great violinist named Yitzhak Perlman.)