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Is music your life?

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Before I write this post, I will admit that I have no life at all, except being on the internet, listen to music an play music.

On the website Weheartit, I have seen so many text-pictures (Can I call them that?) that says my life is music. You have probably seen one of these too in your eternal travel through cyberspace.

I get a little curious when I see these pictures pop up everywhere. Maybe some of these people can become my best friend on the internet, so I click on their picture to see more of what they like; And I see this:

 And I faint!

I don’t someone like this to be my best friend!

So here is my point: What do these people really mean by; Music is my life!

Obviously, they listen to a lot of music, and they carry their Iphones around so they never need to be without it. The problem is that they don’t really listen to music, as I see it. Besides, I don’t really feel that listening to music makes it your life. People who listen a lot to music, usually have other interests too, like sports or art or math or buisness, or something along those lines. Which means, that music is not really their lives.

I can in all honesty say that music is my life. I don’t only listen to music I also play music, and just my little, bad guitar that my dad got me for Christmas. I play the violin, the piano and I sing, professionally. I get payed for what I do, and I haven’t even graduated highschool. No, I don’t have a weekly job as a musician, but it is my dream to do so. I want to finish musical highschool, go to the musical academy in Norway, Germany or in England, and my big dream in life is to play in London Philharmonic Orchestra, or become a great jazz-singer. Whatever comes first.  I practice the violin two hours a day, and I practice singing one hour a day, and the piano just come and goes, it’s not exactly my strongest suit, but I try. That makes three hours a day, and sometimes even more. This summer, my goal is to practice at least 24 hours a week, and so far it has been going great, because music simply is my life. If I don’t play, then I listen to music, or I listen to the pieces and songs I am practicing to get inspiration, and if I don’t do that, I write songs, or hang out on the internet. Still my social life is okay, and I spend a lot of time with friends and family, and I get good grades in school. It’s all about priority.

So that’s all I had to say for today. I hope I managed to maybe enlighten you,  or at least make you see this matter in an other perspective.

– So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good bye!


A little explanation…

This blog is kind of about my life, but not in a typical teenager-blog kind of way. I hate those blogs.

I want to make a blog about my musical and artistic life as a violinist and singer. I am not professional, yet, but I am working on it. I may add some photographs and paintings I do too, just for fun.

My posts will be quite random. Some experiences, some thoughts and some trash. I am warning you, I am an expert on writing rubbish!

I hope I will see you soon!