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What are really women?

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about men who, from my point of view, chose the wrong girls to go out with, and I thought it was because men has such a weird idea of what is sexy. Then, thisĀ masondan, whose blog you can find here, made a comment, that said:

“I think perhaps the distinction is not so much a matter of a woman being sexy, but a woman being beautiful. So many women these days do not represent beauty, their attitude, demeanor, speech, and even conduct and dress. These things are what attract men to women. It is a sad thing really. Hopefully that helps a bit. Take care.”

My question now, is; What happened? Why and when did women stop being beautiful? Or better: Why and when did men and women stop having the same idea of what beauty is? I don’t believe men was responsible for women starting to wear corsets in the 16th century. Yet, this uncomfortable and dangerous piece of clothing stuck around until the last century, and is still used by some women today, so it must have been good for something.

It seems to me that men and women stopped having the same idea of beauty when women started thinking for themselves. When my literature teacher in high school talked about how women started fighting for their rights, it’s always sounded like they suddenly, in the middle of 19th century started to think for themselves and have opinion about things, like they had never done it before. I hardly believe that’s the case, but that is not the point of this post. Have men and women always had different ideas of beauty, but women only started to show it a century ago, or did women change their minds sometime back in the days?

I also wonder whether there is a difference between the face and the body of women. I think that women with high cheekbones and big eyes are really beautiful, but that is only my opinion. Can a corpulent girl still have a beautiful face? Or is she just fat? Can one see behind her extra weight, and still see the beauty of her face if that’s the case? Or is it all about the body? If she is not skinny, no one bothers if her face is pretty? Or the other way around; If she is skinny and have good curves, it doesn’t matter if she’s not just as fortunate with her face?

Maybe, the definition of beauty does not lie in the appearance, but in the way we behave. Only the way a girl conduct herself, shows her beauty. Then, what is beauty? To be extrovert and outgoing, or is it to be quiet and introvert? A girl who can give a lot of compliments, or a girl who accepts compliments and criticism alike? Is it smart girl? Or a girl who can answer for herself in any situation, but is not necessarily very smart? If behaviour is the definition of beauty, then I don’t know how to find it.

I don’t have any answer to be honest. I can only say what I think is beautiful, and that doesn’t help much. I would appreciate it if you would make a little comment below of what you think is beautiful.


Love, lot’s of it!