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Always the best WOman, never bride

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You know, I have always been that girl that guys are like: “Yeah, she’s cool. She’s got a great personality”, but there is nothing more. No more than just good friends.

Why is it like that? Kan someone explain to me why guys wants to be friends with intelligent, wonderful girls (myself included), but when it comes to sex they only want the stupid, sexy ones who only care about how they look?

You must understand, this is not a one-time incident. We’re talking about the last ten years. I have experienced once that the guy I like, is interested in a cool girl. The rest is all tits and fake tan.

And that, leads me to the point of this post; WHat is the definition of sexy? Kan you tell me that, so I can get an appointment for plastic surgery.  I think a good vocabulary and an interest in books is really sexy. A good haircut and some sense of style in the clothes also helps. Let’s face it; There are two types of people in the world: Those who admits that looks matter, and those who lie. Looks do matter, but it seems like girls have a bigger range of what we like. What I mean, is that there is a bigger range of what girls look for in guys than the other way around. You have to look a long time before you find a guy who could like a girl who is not thin like a model, but not out of shape either, with average sized boobs, short, blond, a little thin hair and a pathetic mixture of good and bad posture.

When I think about it, I think the entire concept of sexy is awkward. Girls who wear almost nothing, lying exposed on a couch or on the floor with her hands grabbing her long, dark, slightly curly hair which flows out of the picture. I do not want to switch place with her, only her hair. I just wished I was the girl that guys are like: “Yeah, she’s got a really cool personality. I should ask her out for lunch.”

May you have the same impression, and maybe not. I would nevertheless like to hear about it in the comments below.




Good luck out there!


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  1. I think perhaps the distinction is not so much a matter of a woman being sexy, but a woman being beautiful. So many women these days do not represent beauty, their attitude, demeanor, speech, and even conduct and dress. These things are what attract men to women. It is a sad thing really. Hopefully that helps a bit. Take care.


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