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Why isn’t good, good enough?

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The train is worming its way through the Norwegian landscape, and stops occasionally on a station where no one gets either on nor off. The sun is shining brightly outside the window, but I hardly notice. My nose is buried in my history book. My eyes are reading fast while my brain tries to remember as much as possible. By the time I get to school I’m actually a little satisfied. I’ve been like this for the past few days, and now my exam is finally here. History is one of the subjects I’m really good at, so you can imagine my shock and disappointment when the grade is much less then I had hoped for. I cried all the way to my apartment, even though the grade wasn’t bad, just not as good as I’m used to get in history. Now I’ve watched Fame for the hundredth time, after listened to Barbra Streisand for a while. I kept wondering; why is good never good enough? I’m not really bad in anything, really, (Except science) but that is never good enough. I want to be best in everything that I do. And since I do a lot of things, that can be a problem. I simply have to learn that good can something be good enough, and so should you, if you have the same problem as I do. People also like those who doesn’t care about being good, and those who accept that they can’t be best in everything. It’s not like I’m going to loose all my friends and family just because I start relaxing more. Right? Have a nice one.


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