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Over the years I have purchased a lot of notebooks, in fact they keep up three entire shelves in my room. I always keep one nearby, and if not, I always have pen and paper. I like writing down impressions, and things that happens, which inspires me. I also have a lot of ideas for novels, that I am writing on.

But today, I bought the most wonderful notebook I have ever seen, and it is all about music. The book is divided into several sections, some are already set, and some you decide yourself. The first section is called “artists”, and contains a side for each artist where you can write down artists, their genre, albums, songs and quotes. In the next section you can write down and about your favorite lyrics, and in the next one your playlists. There is a section for concerts, who played, where it was, the year, who you went with and your thoughts about it. After that there is a section called my life in music, where you write down feelings about an artist, or a song followed by a section, music-map, which is generally a scrapbook for pictures and notes. After that there are six sections where you can decide what the content will be, yourself. After that the are an index, followed by sheet-paper.

Best purchase in a long time!

I also have to share some news. I am in the market of a new violin, and today in Hamburg I was giving the honor borrowing a violin from one of the many makers in the city. It’s a beautiful instrument with a deep, warm and romantic sound, which suits me very well, and not to mention a copy of a real Stradivarius. I hope my professor will like it! If you know about any great violin-makers (Outside of Cremona, they are so expensive!) I would be really glad for some information.

– Farewell!


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