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Smells a little like a tragedy!

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Today has been a fantastic day. I started it by forgetting my gym-bag so I had to run back to fetch it. When I had a five minutes-long hearing about languages in Norwegian before I had a free period for the rest of the day except for German-class, which was my last class today. Then, when we finally reach German-class, the teacher can’t be with us, so she sends us home.

When I finally got home, I sat down in the sofa with a cup of tea ready to cry for an hour, when I start to laugh hysterically. For 30 minutes I have been sitting on the sofa laughing until I cried for nothing except how tragically my life is at the moment. I am working my ass of only to fail in all the subjects I was really good at once. (Not failing, as an F, but worse than I expect of myself.) I have been in love with the same man for nearly two years, without any chance to get over him. My social life is a disaster, and I can’t even focus on my violin anymore! Quite tragic, but also tragically funny!

I think it is important to laugh of these situations sometimes, not just sit and cry. So I womaned myself up, made a list of improvements I can do, found some chocolate-chip-cookies, and started writing this post.



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