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I hate spiders!

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Just now I was sitting in my bed and moisturizing my legs, when I look to my right and right on this HUGE spider! I screamed really loud, and ran out of the room and into the living room. Standing and looking around for more spiders, I recall that my phone is on my bed, two feet away from that thing in my bedroom. I walked over to my bedroom-door and watched the spider for a really long time, before I ran in ninja-style and grabbed my phone. To minutes and a face wet of tears I stand outside the door of the ones living over us, and ask for help. Of course the helped me, sweet people. Now it’s gone. I flushed it down the toilet six times!

By the way, I will not post a picture of the freaking thing. I don’t take pictures of things I am afraid of. Those who do, aren’t really scared.

Now I can’t sleep because I am absolutly paranoid about spiders. I feel like there is one on every inch of my body, and every nail and dot on my wall looks like creepy spiders!

Have a good night!


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