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Picking flowers

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Walking is a calming pastime. Today I went for a little walk just around in my neighborhood. Fresh air is hard to come by when one is inside the entire day practicing. As I walked down a little hill I spotted two children walking slowly along the road. They had used an extraordinary amount of time getting home from school, and I wondered a little bit why. As I came closer I realized that they kept on bending down to the ground every second step, and I smiled joyful. They were picking flowers to surpise their mothers. A boy and a girl. Probably neighbors, and their mother were probably friends too. How happy I would have been if I were a mother and my kids brought home handpicked flowers as soon as they sprung.

As I walked closer a car came around the corner and started to make its way up the hill. The boy poked the girl and they both looked up. When the car drove by them they threw whatever they had in their little hands on the car and ran of. The car almost drove off the road, and when I reached him the swearing driver tried to get all the grass and sticks away from his car.



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