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Frodo-spoiled-brat Baggins

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Yesterday I had a Lord of the Rings-marathon with my father. Yes, we watched all the films in one day. I am a nerd, and proud of it, and my eyes hurt like hell today.

In the beginning I really like all the characters, but as the first film ends, and the second continues a huge, yellow burning wall of hatred starts building up inside of me. I suddenly remember how much I hate Frodo! I hate him more than Sauron and Sarumann together. I am really sorry, but the ring is not a good enough excuse for how he treats Sam. Neither is Gollum. Sam is nothing but kind and loving, and Frodo treats him like dirt. I dislike him more than I dislike real people I have in my life, whom I would gladly get rid of. Not even in the end, when he destroys the ring, and actually is nice to Sam, I forgive him. He is a bloody, spoiled brat who treat people he should show love and affection, like he is superior!

I do not understand how people possibly think Frodo turns out to be strong and nice in the end. I am sorry.


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