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My fingers

What are you most afraid to loose, most afraid to hurt. I am not talking about another person, for that will not work.

The things I am most afraid to hurt are my hands. I think about all day, seven days a week. Not a day goes by without a worrying thought about my fingers (And my violin, but that is a different story)

The girl I live with, my best friend through everything asked if I want to come her on a ski-vacation, and she could teach me snowboarding. I wanted to go so bad, but I had to turn it down because of my fingers. I cannot loose them. Not even for a day.

The weather was quite mild last week, and now it is below 0 degrees again. The road is covered with ice like mirrors, and I am scared to go outside. What if I fall, and hurt my hands!

I do not think there is anything I can say that will make anyone understand how this is, but I will give it one more try. I do not know if you have heard, but America Ferrera’s  smile is insured for 10 000 American dollars, or so. I have honestly thinking about doing the same with my hands. I just have to find a way to get the money.


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