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Justin Bieber and the musical geniuses

I have already posted this on my other blog, but I really feel like spreading this very important message as wide as I can.


The other day I was home from school because I had the flu, and while I was making egg and bacon to breakfast, they were talking about Justin Bieber on the radio. A little girl talked about how much she loved Justin Bieber. For me, that is totally okay and I thought she was quite cute, but I almost lost the frying-pan when she called Bieber a musical genius.

I know that Justin has his own perfume, made a 3D-film and has made his own headset to make his voice sound better, but Justin Bieber is not, I repeat, NOT a musical genius! Yes, he sings, and he plays the drums, or something, but it takes a lot more than a perfume and a Smurf-voice to become a musical genius.

To show everyone who is not convinced that this is true, I will now list up a few of the musicians I look up to.

Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, also known as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote his first Minuet when he was five years old. His first symphony when he was eight, and when he was seven he started touring all around Europe to play for kings and emperors. He was also very good at math. Mozart was a musical genius!


This is from the movie Amadeus, not Mozart himself. The film, by the way, is very good!

Now, 220 years later, mostly everyone on earth knows him as the genius he was. Mozart is still known as the history’s most effective composer alive, and someone may call him the best composer too. Will Justin Bieber be just as hailed 220 years from now?


Janis Joplin could read and write when she was three years old, and she could play both Beethoven and Mozart on the piano when she was four years. In elementary school, she defended her black schoolmates from the others “Nigger-hating”. She is remembered as a troubled and beautiful soul that stood out, sang real music with an amazing voice, and died of drugs. Joplin was not just a musical genius, but a real genius!

Fortunately, we do not have to go back in time every time we want to find a musical genius.

When Vanessa Mae, a great violinist, was three, she started to play the piano, and when five, she started to play the violin. Her childhood was full of violence and abuse from her control freak-mother. It was never physical, but mental. Every hour spent practicing music, resulted in ten minutes of playtime. Her mother also locked her up in her room with her violin and a bottle of water, and she was not allowed out until she was finished with the piece she was practicing.

Now, Vanessa Mae is one of the greatest violinists we have, and she is requested to play all over the world. Nevertheless she has a hard time taking contact with people, and she is a social wreck to be honest, but she is, without any doubt, a musical genius!


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