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One of the greatest singers…

I know I am really late, but Whitney Houston is dead!

I wish we could share our Whitney-moments. If you ever come and visit this blog, and read this; Please, comment and tell about your best Whitney-moment. I do not care if it is tomorrow or next year, just tell the story.

I will go first:

I remember the very first time I really heard Whitney Houston. I had heard her before on the radio, but never really taken notice.

My class were on our way into Oslo on a field trip, and I was sitting with one of my best friends at that time. We were listening to music on our Ipods, and suddenly she poked me and smiled widely. “You have to listen to this song”, she said and gave her headset. It was Greatest love, and I completely fell in love with it. It was simply love at first sight, or noise.

(I know that this really ruins the story, but I feel like I should tell you that this girl and I are not friends anymore.)

Hope to see you soon!



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